Have You Ever Taken a Break From Video Games?

I have pretty much played video games ever since my parents somehow got their hands on a NES when I was around five or so. I didn't necessarily have the latest or greatest, but whenever there was an opportunity for a new game, my brother and I jumped at the opportunity.

Two decades later and I can only think of one real instance where gaming wasn't really a priority. It was in high school about the time I was a sophomore/junior, about the time the PS2 was really hitting it's stride and just before the Xbox hit. Between school, band, and FINALLY getting a steady girlfriend junior year, I only touched what I had already owned and whatever my friends had whenever I went over to their place.

I can remember the moment that brought me back and spiked my interest in gaming once again. My brother brought a few friends over with their Xbox systems and set up a LAN of one of the most important games in video game history:

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For me, video games have always been social. Having a sibling meant we always looked for 2 player games more than single player. So seeing a room full of guys setting up a game and playing against each other and then being able to do Co-op campaign blew my mind. And with the advent of Xbox Live sealed the deal even more.

The only way I knew to experience anything as close to this was on PC and we didn't have a good enough computer to do that. Halo 2 LAN's became a constant event for me.


My brother eventually got tired of me borrowing his console to go to LAN parties so I went out and bought a Xbox and a copy of Halo 2 and thus, my interest in gaming was renewed.

What about you Kotakuites? Were you ever 'On a break'?

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