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Random train of thought

So I’m taking kickboxing classes (really wish it was Muay Thai) and we were talking about elbows one day.

My instructor has trained at a few gyms around the country and he was talking about how they are used more for “cutting” an opponent instead of really hitting them directly with it. So to… »5/03/15 12:17pm5/03/15 12:17pm

Cars for Greco

So I feel like writing this out cause I’m bored and this is fun for me for some stupid reason. So enjoy!

So, guessing from what I know of you, I would try to sell you something practical but that can be used for fun if need be. Something like a sleeper car if you will but not just those!

So here we go, in no particular… »4/18/15 9:35pm4/18/15 9:35pm

So I was reading...

This Gawker post on Millenials flaw in our financial plan or whatever. I love the comments that pretty much say the older generations screwed us over so we literally don't give a fuck.

Reminds me of my depression group I used to go to. I was the youngest by at least twenty years with the other four people in the group… »4/08/15 8:03am4/08/15 8:03am


It only took shutting restarting my computer to get it to connect the network (after troubleshooting why the hell it was having a cow connecting to a network it has never had problems connecting to EVAR), then figuring out how to set up a static IP (never done this before), then figuring out how to do port forwarding… »10/05/14 3:45pm10/05/14 3:45pm