Game Night: Final Vote (And Destiny Day!)

Hello TAY. After a nice long weekend time to settle down and work/school play video games! Down below are all the nominations that I got for August so get in there and vote.

I also set a poll for a day in which TAY to play Destiny. There is enough interest that I figure setting up a night specific for people to find… » 9/02/14 2:48pm 9/02/14 2:48pm

FoodTAYku: White Duck Taco Shop

Long time no eats internet denizens! This is Salvador with another foodventure. This time I went up to Asheville, NC (Median Home cost as of July 2014: $217,000. Population: 85,712 for those that care to know) to try out some tacos. And not Taco Bell style tacos, but more authentic style tacos, and these are a bit… » 8/05/14 3:57pm 8/05/14 3:57pm

TAY Blip: Xbox Ultimate Games Sale

Heads up all you eight Xbox gamers, it's a decent sale time on Xbox Live. It'll last a week with different daily deals as well. Some highlights include 50% off of Halo 4 and Gears of War 3 Season passes, Assassin's Creed IV for 38% off, and Halo Spartan Assault for 66% off. Check it out here and maybe fill up for Game… » 7/08/14 12:51pm 7/08/14 12:51pm